This International Women's Day, let's #InspireInclusion. We're celebrating our remarkable women across LexisNexis Risk Solutions, not just for their achievements, but for the unique perspectives they bring to everything they do. Discover their diverse experiences from mentorship to motherhood, leadership to empowerment. By amplifying their voices and valuing their journeys, we hope to create a more inspiring and inclusive workplace for everyone.

Tracie Haygood
Head of Regional Accounts - North America, ICIS

Winning the Women In Sales Awards for 2023 Best Sales Manager in North America was for me a sense of validation in several aspects. In my 25+ year sales career, I've been told outright that I didn't have what it takes. I've been passed over time after time. I'm often lonely in the spaces I occupy since I don't see many others like me. The award is somewhat of an outward expression of what I've accomplished up to this point. It serves as proof not only that I can conquer any role I step into, but also that I can do it while bringing others along for the journey such that they enjoy the ride while living up to their own potential. So, when I heard my name called, the only Black woman in the history of the organization to win the category, I thought to myself two things: "I did that" and "let me be a torch to inspire others", because representation matters.

I'm active in multiple ERGs and I'm pleased to see progress in how the organization is leaning into a more inclusive culture. The Women Connected ERG is quite active in the Houston, Texas office where I work and I've been able to participate in some very impactful activities in support of women.

Carmen D Jackson
Director Quality Engineering

The moment that inspired me at LexisNexis Risk Solutions was when I felt truly seen. Despite receiving positive feedback on my performance, I felt like my accomplishments were acknowledged, but not the person behind them. However, as I got more involved in initiatives beyond my usual tasks, I met people who genuinely supported and encouraged me to grow. This sense of belonging motivated me to keep pushing forward and evolving as a person.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions actively promotes inclusivity for women through programs like the Women in Technology mentorship program, gender-focused ERGs such as Women in Tech, Women Connected, and Women in Identity, support for women-focused celebrations like International Women's Day and Ada Lovelace Day, and advocating for female employees to apply for higher-level positions.

Sowmya Nagarajan
Principal Quality Test Analyst

I volunteered at the Dayton Regional STEM School Career fair representing LexisNexis Risk Solutions to share information about Risk's products and services and explain how these products are used in various industries, including law enforcement. This gave me an opportunity to share how technology contributes to solving complex problems or improving community safety and inspire students to consider STEM careers. It also helped me to network with other volunteers and industry experts and open doors for valuable connections that may lead to future collaborations or mentorship. This also helped in promoting community engagement as students gain insight into how businesses contribute positively beyond their core operations and foster a sense of social awareness.

The Women In Technology (WiT) program offers educational workshops, networking events and mentorship programs focused on developing skills in leadership, negotiation, communication and upskill technical skillsets. The Women Connected Dayton Chapter also offers programs for women through mentoring, education, networking and leadership development to enable women to build rewarding and sustainable careers, contribute to the success of the organization, and make a positive impact on society. These programs help me in my professional and personal growth and development.

Beth Kilian
SVP Sales, Business Services

Being involved in the creation of our Virtual Women Connected Mentorship program has been a very fulfilling experience for me. We created an environment where women across the globe can participate in meaningful conversation and work with a matched Mentor for a 12-month timeframe. This allows the relationship to develop and thrive. We are in our fifth year of offering this program and am proud to say that we have over 400 participants in the program this year. It is inspiring to see so many employees wanting to engage in meaningful dialogue with each other to advance their careers.

I have been inspired by our progress in programming and mentorship to all employees over the past five years. We also have wonderful leadership and allyship programs that allow all employees to learn and grow.

I came to LexisNexis Risk Solutions inspired by the professional woman that were so successful on the sales team back in 1996. I believe we need to continue to pay it forward and create an environment where all employees feel a sense of community and belonging.

Pachi Yulan
Sales Operations specialist, Business Services

One accomplishment that has truly inspired me as a woman at LexisNexis Risk Solutions is the establishment of our diversity and inclusion initiatives. Witnessing the company's commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone's voices are heard and valued has been empowering.

During my journey, I have witnessed several ways our company actively promotes an inclusive environment for women. LexisNexis Risk Solutions consistently champions gender diversity through its recruitment efforts, striving to ensure a balanced representation of women at all levels of the organization. Additionally, our company provides various professional development and mentorship programs tailored specifically for women, offering opportunities for skill-building, networking, and career advancement. Overall, these initiatives demonstrate our dedication to creating a supportive and empowering environment where women can thrive personally and professionally.

Kelly Lundgren
Director of relationship management, healthcare

Some ways I've seen LexisNexis Risk Solutions actively promote an inclusive environment for women is through our Employee Resource Groups. Our Women Connected ERG and Healthcare All-Inclusive ERG provide encouragement to employees to participate and become active members.

I have had the opportunity to attend several of our Women Connected luncheons at the National Sales Meeting over the years. During those events, we have had such inspirational speakers, panelists and an inclusive audience. Being able to participate in these types of events gives me a sense of belonging and a feeling of inclusion. I'm so proud that we sponsor and promote spaces that highlight women.

If you are looking to work somewhere that truly cares about inclusion and gender equity, explore our career opportunities