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In 2020, we launched our Inclusion Council, chaired by our CEO Mark Kelsey, to review our diversity data and to ensure we are taking
the right actions to maintain our culture of inclusion and diverse representation.

A professional headshot of Mark Kelsey

The Inclusion Council is made up of leaders from across
LexisNexis Risk Solutions, meets quarterly and serves many purposes including the following:

  • ADVOCATING: Advocacy Is a consultative group representing different business areas and iterating the importance of an inclusive workforce.
  • SUPPORTING OUR ERGs: Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are the lifeblood of our inclusive culture. Our inclusive council works to support them while enabling an open flow of communication to gain valuable input.
  • FOCUSSING ON RECRUITMENT AND TALENT: We are actively reaching out to diverse and under-represented talent, especially for our new roles in technology and sales
    which make up over 50% of our hiring. We also focus on
    building stronger pipelines and management for our underrepresented talent.
  • PROMOTE A POSITIVE CULTURE SHIFT: The council supports and ignites cultural change around managerial and leadership competency while promoting positive behaviors and awareness of inclusion and diversity.

The Inclusion Council has made great progress and continues to evaluate the organization's long and short-term Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging goals.

Jeffery Batiste
SVP and GM U.S. Auto

a professional headshot of Jeffery Batiste

I am excited about joining the Diversity and Inclusion Council and helping to develop programs and initiatives that will foster a more inclusive environment for all employees. I am dedicated to our vision of a workplace where every employee can be their authentic self. This is a deeply personal goal, given my own career journey and I thank the council for the opportunity to do this work with other business leaders.

-Jeffery Batiste

Barbara Blevens
VP, Talent Acquisition

a professional headshot Barbara Blevens

I joined the Inclusion Council because I feel having a diverse and inclusive workforce is critical to the success of our organization. As the Head of Talent Acquisition, I always want to make sure we are doing a broad outreach to attract talent to our organization. I look to members of the Inclusion Council to further my awareness and knowledge to continue to bring the best talent to LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

-Barbara Blevens

Adam Mariano
President and General Manager, Healthcare

A headshot of Adam Mariano

I joined the Inclusion Council because of my deep belief in the need for a diverse workforce and the undeniable value of representation. Throughout my career (both as a civil rights attorney and a technology executive), I have seen the power of allyship, inclusivity, and engagement for groups that have been marginalized or underrepresented. I am committed to helping our organization drive towards a future where no one feels they are alone in their journey, and all can ultimately see themselves represented in the diverse RELX family we continue to build. I am so thankful for this opportunity to support the Council in these efforts!

-Adam Mariano

Beth Kilian
SVP Sales, Business Services

A professional headshot of Beth Kilian

I am grateful to be a part of an organization that realizes the importance of Diversity and Inclusion and how it directly correlates to success. I am passionate about taking a stance and leading change within my own business unit through my work with our Women Connected Virtual chapter, Young Professionals, and our Women Connected Mentorship program. The Inclusion Council expands upon this reach and the actions we take together will positively impact our ability to innovate and thrive for years to come.

-Beth Kilian

Jo Fisher
HR Director

a photo of Jo Fisher sitting at her desk

I am honored to be asked to be part of the Inclusion Council. I am passionate about inclusion which has manifested in helping to write the UK Tech Talent Charter, as well as setting up the Alpharetta chapter of the Young Professionals ERG during my time living in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. As a Senior/Strategic HR Business Partner supporting Technology globally, and as a millennial female, I have an inevitable and personal interest in helping to ensure our organization is diverse and most importantly, an inclusive and fulfilling place to work. I’m excited to be part of the Council and to work with like-minded business leaders on initiatives to make that happen.

-Jo Fisher

Jamie O’Sullivan
Group Managing Director, Nextens, EG

a professional headshot of Jamie O'Sullivan

There’s a big gap between appreciating that differences exist, versus trying to ensure we fully understand those differences from the perspective of those most impacted. I was keen to be involved with the Inclusion Council to make sure I do a better job in understanding and in turn, try and make sure as a leader we continue to create an environment that strives to learn and improve so everyone feels empowered to contribute and reach their maximum potential.

-Jamie O’Sullivan

Charlene Oke
Director, Diversity Inclusion & Belonging

A professional headshot of Charlene Oke

Embracing and understanding different cultures within the work environment is imperative for everyone to feel comfortable in bringing their “whole” self to work. For too long we can fall into the trap of only wanting to know what we already know. I am truly honored to have an opportunity to work with like-minded senior leaders to evoke change, challenge the status quo, and feel comfortable practicing active allyship across our business. Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging aren’t just a focus for today or tomorrow. It is a way of life. It’s about harnessing what makes us different and finding ways we can take action to support all voices and foster real engagement. I am excited to be a part of the Inclusion Council and I am sure this will help to continue our D&I journey as an organization and embed a culture of inclusion we are all proud of.

-Charlene Oke

Jo Portlock
VP, Diversity Inclusion & Belonging

A headshot of Jo Portlock

As our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy matures it’s critical that we come together as a leadership team to track our progress, identify gaps we need to close, and act. We are a diverse organization representing different regions, businesses, and industries, so it’s great to create an inclusion council to represent our different perspectives and drive cultural change to increase inclusion.

-Jo Portlock

Vijay Raghavan
CTO and EVP, Technology

A professional headshot of Vijay Raghavan

To some extent, I see myself as being a beneficiary of good diversity and inclusion practices. Participating in the Inclusion Council is my way of trying to pay it forward and help implement good D&I practices by design, rather than by happenstance. And, to help position D&I not as a zero-sum game, but as an initiative that lifts everyone up, and makes the company more successful.

-Vijay Raghavan

Bill Min
EVP and General Counsel

It is refreshing to be part of an organization that recognizes the value of a diverse and inclusive environment. For me, the inclusion council demonstrates our commitment to identifying and reinforcing best practices and provides us with an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the differences and life experiences of our talent. I am excited to help make this a great place to work.

-Bill Min

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